Friday, June 29, 2012

update and summer pictures

My sister complained that she checks my blog all the time and it's never updated.

I guess I am in holding my breath mode.

Our survival plan for the past few months has been contingent upon us getting our tax money by this month. The IRS actually gave us a date of June 26th that we would have our money by. But then we got another delay notice. We are pretty freaked out. I was up in the early hours this morning just kind of panicking by myself. It needs to come soon.

But, enough about that....

Enjoy some pictures :)


How can I not smile looking at that face all day ? :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Play Kitchens Are For Girls?

Recently, both online and in my "real life" I have heard play kitchens talked about as a "girl toy." That came as a shock to me. That honestly isn't something I considered before buying Jayden a play kitchen for Christmas. It was never even a passing thought in my head. Why would a play kitchen be only for girls? Aren't most chefs men?? Is it the sink and dishes that make it a girl toy? My husband does all the dishes in our house. I have even heard people say that if their boy wanted to do pretend cooking they would get them a toy grill. Grilling is for men but cooking in the kitchen is for women? This honestly surprises me. What do you all think?

I love that Jayden plays in his kitchen and pretends to cook things. If he wanted to be a chef some day, that would be great. Or maybe he'll just want to cook for his own family. I'd love for him to cook for me!

While we're on the topic, I also love when Jayden is sweet with his dolls. When Adam isn't at work, he's always done as much caring for Jayden as I have. Holding him, feeding him, changing diapers. Being loving and caring for a baby can't really be considered women's work anymore, can it? But, I've heard dads saying they don't want their boys playing with dolls. And the doll aisles in stores are pink. Not just the dolls and packaging, but even the shelves the dolls are on!

Baby Chloe

Baby Michael

The doll thing makes me sad, but the play kitchen honestly surprises me. I had no idea so many people felt that way.