Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clutter Is Relative

 If you haven't checked out SRB's Who Needs It decluttering challenge, you should!
My favorite thing about her challenge is that is lasts all year. You can really take your time with it. And even if you have some relapses, there is time to make up for it. I am trying to think of this as more of a lifestyle change and not a spring cleaning weekend.

My dresser from my previous post last month still looks the same. BUT I did find a couple good places you can donate bras, so I feel like I am one step closer to tackling that.  Check out The Bra Recyclers and Free The Girls if you are interested in donating bras that don't fit.

I have a couple of "after" photos from what I have done. I am aware that they are probably what some people's "before" pictures look like. But, for me, these show progress in the decluttering process.

This closet is in our bedroom and was completely filled with so much random STUFF. Basically things piled from the bottom up and none of it was even being used. The things ranged from old bath mats to Adam's bowling shoes to a corded phone in case we lose power. You get the idea. 

So now I opened up enough space that I could put shelves in for towels and fleece guinea pig blankets. Since getting the guinea pigs months ago, their stuff has been in a basket on the floor of our bedroom so this is much better. We've never had a linen closet so having space to put our towels is a big deal. We can even fit our vacuum in there! This was really exciting because we had been cramming it into the front hall closet and it was not a great place for it.


You're probably looking at these and thinking they look cluttered, but we really took a lot off them and organized them better.


There are still things that need to be addressed in this room. Like to the left of the picture is Adam's computer desk, which is still a disaster. The bookshelf has many random things on the top that are basically there so they are out of Jay's reach. And we should be getting rid of probably half the books on that bookshelf. We have a lot of filled bookshelves in our house.

But, the coffee table and couch were piled high with things. All things I dealt with just today. It feels good to have that area looking so much better. I couldn't tell you the last time anyone sat on that couch before today. It was probably Christmas.


I am embarrassed to admit my craft stuff and shipping supplies were on this table piled as high as the picture above the table. And all the chairs were covered.

Jay was pretty surprised when he woke up from nap.

There may have even been some dancing on the table. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. 

And we even had dinner at the table. Amazing.

(A special thank you to SRB for her dining room cleaning encouragement today!)

Sophia and Penelope

 Meet the newest additions to our family!

 Penelope is the black and white guinea pig with longer fur. Sophia is dark brown, light brown, and white. They're sisters and they're obsessed with each other. If they are apart for any amount of time, they call out to each other. One will start squeaking and the other one will answer and and they will get louder until they are together again.

 We got them in the Fall when they were babies. I can't believe they could both fit under there when they were little because now they are so big that they can't fit under there at all. Not even when there is just one of them.

Sisters sharing lettuce in their play yard. 

 I love how Penelope's front feet are white and her back ones are black.

 Jay is so good with the girls. He always makes sure they get fair amounts of fruits and vegetables. He's always getting them snacks and talking to them. They know to get excited if Jay goes in the fridge.


Friday, January 24, 2014

De-Cluttering Challenge 1 - Fess Up

veggiesausagebuttonSRB is having a challenge over at her blog called Who Needs It. It's all about De-Cluttering. I am a big SRB fan and in need of de-cluttering so I knew this was something I had to be part of, despite being a bad blogger for the past year.

The first step is to fess up to the clutter. Taking pictures of it not only works for showing all of you my clutter, but it also gives me a different perspective on the clutter. Instead of it just being what is always in the background that I never notice anymore, it brings it front and center and forces me to look at it in a different way. I actually sometimes do this when working on etsy orders. After working on it for a long time, it is not until I see it in a photograph that I really see it.

Okay, deep breath, here is the first picture...

It's ridiculous. I know. This is my dresser in the bedroom. Let's take a closer look at what we have here...

1. A random jewelry box that until now hadn't been opened for years. A container of hair ties that I do use every day. Behind those is so much randomness. Like Chuck E Cheese tokens.

2.  Glow sticks because you never know when you may need some. Random CDs. Those can be found throughout my house.

3. Sports bras and socks. Why? BECAUSE MY UNDERWEAR DRAWER IS FULL OF BRAS THAT DON'T FIT. And why do I still have them? Because I can't admit I spent money on something I will never use. So they will sit there until they fit. (That will eventually happen, right?! Magic!)

4. Lotion and stain stick. I have a 3 year old. I need a stain stick available at all times.

5. This one makes me laugh. Hand weights covered in dust. 3 lbs and 5 lbs. They have not been touched since Jayden was born.

6. When I got my cancer diagnosis, a friend whose mother died from breast cancer gave me this bear. Someone gave it to her mom when she was diagnosed and she was passing it along to me. And then I was supposed to pass it along to someone else. But, I haven't and it just sits there. I feel like I shouldn't put it away somewhere and I haven't wanted to deal with it in any other way. But, it can't stay there. I just...don't know what to do with it. I need help with that one.

7. This shelf used to have something decorative on it, but now it's where we put things we don't want Jayden to get. From left to right: My deodorant, my head bands, permanent markers, Adam's deodorant, and a container with sharp things like tacks. I put the deodorant up high after Jayden rubbed it on his lego table. That table still has deodorant in the little grooves. It's impossible to clean.

8. Leftover decorations from Jayden's birthday. I have a problem with not knowing what to do with party stuff after the party is over. I have to figure out a solution. There are also sticks in there that I am trying to keep away from Jayden.

9. Dusty mirror that never gets used because I don't ever wear make up anymore. Or look in mirrors.

10. Basket of randomness.

Phew. That was exhausting. I think that's enough for now. I'm just dipping my toes in the de-cluttering challenge. If I don't die from the embarrassment of posting this, I will do it again.