Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yes, I Know It Is February

I didn't blog about Christmas because of all of the job related bad news that happened right after. I just wasn't in a good place and couldn't do it. But, now I want to. Yeah, I know it's February. :)

Ben and I hanging out.

Grandpa as Santa's Helper!


I love how Ben is all turned around and stretching to see Jayden.


Jayden kept everyone entertained with his dancing.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Jayden was actually interested in opening his presents. It was so fun to watch him ripping the paper open.

Once you take the toys out, this box makes a nice canoe.

Hehe. Look at Ben's face.

Signing "baby." He signed baby everytime he saw Ben. Especially if Ben cried- he was very concerned that someone needed to take care of the baby.

Jayden loves hanging out with Uncle Eric.

Ben got one of those frogs that holds bath toys. Jayden has the same one and he was so confused why Uncle Arthur had his bath frog. He kept signing that he wanted his bath toys out of it. Finally Grandpa took him into the bathroom to see his frog and pick a toy out.

This picture if from Halloween. He loved this Frankstein. You press it down and he pops back up and makes a noise or says Happy Halloween.

My Mom got this doll for him for Christmas and as soon as he opened it, he tried pushing it's head down. I didn't understand what he was doing at first, but then we realized the doll has the same hair as Frankenstein. When he saw the hair, he must have thought it was the same kind of toy. I also got him a doll, but he only does it with this one. He still tries it every once in a while.

*Note- Usually the pacifier is only allowed for sleeping, but he was sick and it was late by the time we opened presents, so we made a pacifier exception :)

I love these pictures my brother took, but you can really see how sick he was over the holidays.

Aunt Christy reading The Monster At The End Of This Book on the ipad. Jayden loved it.

In this picture Jayden has an ipad, a blackberry, and an iphone. Uncle Eric is the coolest.

Dancing on New Years Eve

He actually has a wide variety of "moves" but I think he was a little overwhelmed by everyone! Still a cute video :)

Thank you for letting me blog about Christmas in February :)

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