Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sick and Tired

It's been a while since I blogged because it would have just been a series of posts about how sick we all are.

We went to a birthday party and left with special party favors. Jayden got a stomach virus and Adam got a bad cold.

Jayden came down with it during the night and since we co-sleep, we found out he was sick as he was throwing up on me. What a way to wake up. It was awful. He was so sick and it absolutely broke my heart to watch it. Everytime we would clean up and settle back into sleep, he would end up waking up sick again. I talked to the doctor the next day and was hoping it hear it was a 24 hour bug. They told me that if it was the stomach thing going around, it would last almost a week. And it did. It seemed to go away at one point and then it came back again. I worried so much because he already isn't even on the chart for weight and then this made him lose even more weight. (We're still fighting to make up for it now.)

Since I was the one taking care of Jayden all day, I got it too.

Meanwhile Adam had his cold for almost two weeks.

As soon as I got better from the stomach thing, I got Adam's cold.

We finally got well and had a wonderful time celebrating Jayden turning 18 months. We went out to breakfast with my parents and then spent the day at the museum of play.

He ate so much at breakfast. Pancakes, breakfast potatoes, eggs, spinach, and fruit!

Being silly with Grandma.

Elmo on the computer. He was in love.

Flying a helicopter.

Unfortunately, Adam and I got sick at the museum. And then Jayden got it.

It's exhausting taking care of a sick child while you are sick. Doing it for a month has really worn me out. The combination of being sick...added in with our financial stress... it's been a tough time.

He seems to be at the end of it now and I am hoping it's all over!  Where can I buy a bubble to keep him in from now on? 


  1. Having a sick kid is THE worst. I got sick in Feb for 3 weeks & gave it to Z, who thankfully only had it for a week. I was so afraid of making my parents sick - my mom was only a couple of weeks from chemo - but they never got it. I was the only person to not get a flu shot so maybe that's why I was so much sicker for so much longer?? Anyways glad you're over it!

  2. I'm glad you all are feeling better. Meg has never thrown up. I am knocking on wood as we speak...

  3. I sprayed everything with Lysol within an inch of it's life every single time Mea threw-up when she had it. She also had it for a week. Seemed to be better, and then got sick again during the week. It was full of suck.

    The only thing worse then dealing with a sick throw-upy kid, is being throw-upy yourself when they are sick. Gah.

    Glad the Three Cats house is back on the mend. :)

  4. Ugh - that sounds awful! So glad you all are feeling better!