Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First And Last Day Of Cloth Diapers

Jayden has been potty trained (at least at home) for weeks now and we're still using diapers for nap and sleeping, but it didn't make sense to keep using cloth and washing four diapers at a time. We had to face the fact that it was time to clean the diapers and pack them away.

(By the way, does anyone have any special advice for packing them away when you hope to use them again someday?)

So, here are pictures from his first and last time using cloth diapers--

I am going to miss his little fluffy butt in diapers. And I am going to miss our cloth diaper collection. Of course it brings up questions in my head of whether we will ever get to use them again. I am way sadder about this milestone than I thought I would be!

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  1. I've been really bad about blogging and reading blogs since I had my daughter, but I just happened to click on your blog and see this post. You are the person who inspired me to use cloth diapers over 2 years ago. I was sad to pack them up, too! I think they look adorable in them. I don't really have any "tips", I put mine in a storage tote and I just took them out the other day to use again and they looked fine. They aren't faded or yellowed at all. When I opened the bin it even smelled good, like the detergent I washed them in. I hope you get to use them again soon!