Monday, August 15, 2011

11 Months

Eleven Months

I gave him food to eat so he would sit there long enough for pictures :)

Sitting didn't last long.

Sometimes you have to catch pictures as he runs by.

He still loves looking at books.

He loves to play peek-a-boo. He started this round by peeking around a corner at me.

If you say, "How big is Jayden?" he loves to do "SO BIG" with his arms. He gets a big smile on his face when he does it. Adam can't get enough of it.

Jayden has become such a little person. I feel like we're friends now. Like we have inside jokes and laugh with each other about things. Just as I was getting sad about him turning one soon, he turns into this awesome little person and I can't be sad because I am too busy being excited for what's next.

Like his love for trains makes me so excited about getting him a train table to play on. He has played with train/car tables at Barnes and Noble and the library. There was one at a party we went to and he played with it for most of the time we were there. I plan on getting him one for Christmas.

He actually loves anything with wheels. My brother got him his first bike. (He has to grow a few inches to use it, hehe.) He loves to spin the wheels when the bike is upside down.

We had a family reunion this past month so he got to play with cousins that he had never played with before.

He went to the beach for the first time. He did so well with both the sand and the water. He loved it.

He had his first outing with just Jayden and Daddy. They went to the neighborhood playground one evening after Adam got out of work. Adam said there were all sorts of people to meet and things to play on, but Jayden was only interested in playing with Adam's keys.

He has figured out how to play his basketball game and he LOVES IT.

He likes playing with his kick ball too.

He enjoys playing with his raceway when Adam sits and plays with him.

But his favorite way to use his raceway is to sit in it.

He's gotten so good at walking. Even on tricky surfaces like grass, sand, and wood chips. He can walk and carry big toys or even drink from his sippy cup as he goes. He has gotten pretty fast, especially if he sees a gate open and wants to make a run for it. The coolest thing was watching him learn how to walk uphill. The trial and error on that was so funny. It took a couple falls back on his bottom before he realized he needed to lean into it.

He says hi, mama, kitty, and dada (actually, either da or dadada.) One day when Adam came home from work Jayden was watching him at the front door and saying "dadada." One time at the spray park Jayden got sleepy so I was holding him so he could take a nap and as he fell asleep, he touched my face and said "mama." It was so sweet. My heart melted. Kitty is his favorite one. He loves kitties. Kitties in books, on puzzles, or in real life. One day I heard him scream and I looked over quick and realized it was because he found a kitty in one of his books. He got all low to the ground where the book was and put his face right up to it so he could get a better look.

He says a few other words if we say them first. If not the whole word, then something that sounds like it.

He signs finished, more, listen, and milk. Although he hasn't been signing as much the last couple weeks.

He doesn't clap yet, but he now waves hello and goodbye.

He has started to hold his own bottle every once in a while if he needs to, but he would rather me do it. I think he's been able to do it for quite some time because he's been drinking well from a sippy cup for months. He just doesn't do it because he wants me to. I'll admit, I really don't mind it. Snuggling close to feed him is really nice. And with him eating more food and having less bottles, I cherish that time.

He had another haircut this month! It wasn't that long ago that he had his first one. I can't believe how long his hair had gotten again.

I bought his summer clothes in 9 months and 12 months, which has turned out to be a waste because he is not even close to fitting into 12 months yet. In fact, if he isn't wearing a cloth diaper, he still wears size 6 month shorts.

But, he is finally big enough to be able to wear baby leg warmers!! (Which I LOVE!!) Until now they would just fall down to his ankles right away.

He still only has those two little bottom teeth! There are two on the top that are coming...but they are taking forever and haven't broken the skin yet. It's really funny because they are not the front two. They are the next ones so he will look like a baby vampire when they finally come in.

The best thing about this past month is that we got our finalization date!! I can't wait to go to court and finally be declared a forever family.

I love this baby so much.


  1. He is such a charmer and I love your words about him. True Love!!

  2. AH! He is so big now! And I can't believe how adorable he is! :) Yay for 11 months!

  3. I love that you bribe Jayden with food to pose for photos -- whatever works to catch that smiling face!

  4. I can't believe he's 11 months old. You lie.

    Honestly though, my favorite part of the photos is seeing how much love Jayden has for you- it just beams in every shot he's staring at you for. Amazement, and love. It's beautiful.

  5. He is just so smart, and adorable. I love him.

  6. Beaches are the best! And they only get better. We took Theo camping and we could have stayed there for 8 hours and been fine. Bucket, shovel. Done! He's so CUTE! And I must add that Theo started saying CUTE the other day. So funny. Not sure he actually understands what it means ;)

  7. How on earth did he get to be 11 months old already? He is so absolutely adorable. I could just eat him up!

  8. Can you believe that there is less than a month to go before the big bday? It's all going by too fast. :) I LOVE all of the pics in this post!

  9. he is so amazing. I love watching him grow up :)