Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Busy Baby

In the past few days Jayden has been very busy learning new things.

Walking Backwards
This one was hilarious. He all of a sudden realized he could walk backwards. As the day went on I kept seeing him slowly walking through the room backwards with a little smile on his face.

Blowing Kisses
He doesn't know how to make the kiss noise with his lips yet but he did figure out that if he sticks one finger in his mouth and pulls it out while sucking on it that it makes a kiss noise. So now when you ask him to blow you a kiss, that's what  he does.

He all of a sudden started clapping and it's adorable because he looks so proud of himself when he does it.

New Dance Moves
There is nothing in the world I love more than baby dancing. He has added a few new moves into the mix and it kills me. One of them is a foot tap (or maybe more of a stomp.)

The Fake Out
He has figured out how to pretend he's done trying to do something, walk away, and then quickly turn and make a run for whatever he wants. Like if a gate is open and we block him from going that way. He will start to walk in the opposite direction like he gave up, then quickly turn, and make a run for it! He also did it the other day when I wouldn't let him put his hand in the toilet.

New Words
He now repeats "Get down!" with surprising accuracy. (If only he listened to those instructions as well as he repeats them.)

With being so busy learning new things, he doesn't have time for boring things like sleep. Why does that always happen?? When he's learning new things, he doesn't sleep. Like when he started walking along furniture, he would also practice in his crib at night. I would watch him on the monitor walking around his crib.

It's not like his sleep was ever good. He never makes it past 5:30 AM in his crib. Most nights it's much earlier and then I can usually get him to sleep in our bed a couple more hours.

But lately even bedtime has been rough. And the big wake up is more like midnight.

At 11 months I really thought we'd have a baby that slept through the night.

I'm exhausted.

But then I put some good music on and watch baby dancing and everything in the world is perfect.


  1. Okay, except for the walking thing, our kids were clearly separated at birth. Ha! Aidan's not walking without holding on to anything, though he runs his buns off behind any sort of object he can push or just hold on to. He also just started clapping a few days ago! It's so funny and cute. Have you posted video(s) of J dancing? I so want to see that!!

    BTW, we're having the same exact sleep issues. Thought it might be teething/the pneumonia/etc, but I think it's just that he's on the cusp of another big development like walking or something. J is probably getting ready to write his first screenplay!! ;)

  2. Aww, sounds adorable! I'm sorry about the exhaustion. It's the one thing I worry about as a parent ;) (Okay not the only thing.)

  3. Oh my goodness! He's such a busy little guy!

  4. What big things to learn! So fun!!!

  5. Get down were some of Meg's first words too. It's because of the cats...