Monday, November 28, 2011

The Case Of The Missing Mittens

My sister mentioned she was having a hard time finding infant mittens and hats so I told her she could have ours when she came home for Thanksgiving. I was surprised I hadn't already sent them to her with all the other clothes and things I sent.

When she was over our house, she brought it up again and I started searching through our hall closet for what we used with Jayden last year. I found his hat, but couldn't find his mittens. I looked and looked but all I managed to find was some more booties to give them.

A couple days went by and we were all at my parents' house. I was holding the baby and I looked down at his feet. I then announced I had found the missing mittens. They had them all along, but thought they were socks! Thank goodness they happened to pack those particular "socks" for the trip so I could notice and tell them.

I apologized to Ben for his parents and explained that's why he needs his Aunt Lisa. ;)


  1. That is freakin' hysterical! Mittens on feet! LOL! Guess they still can't survive without Aunt Lisa!

  2. Too funny! Sounds like something I'll probably do. :)

  3. TOTALLY sounds like something I would have done.... :) Yea for Aunt Lisa saving the day!