Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Need More Time.

I am obviously failing at my goal of blogging more often so I can clear out all the thoughts in my head.

I can't find the time.

Jayden can climb and get anything he wants so using the laptop while he is awake is not possible anymore. The minute he sees it, he's either grabbing it out of my hands, pressing all the buttons, or crying because I am not letting him have it. I sure wish I had internet on my phone so I could at least read blogs. Thank goodness for twitter via text!

I almost blogged last night but then I spent over an hour searching online for a doll to give Jayden for christmas. I've had no luck with local toy stores. That's really a post of it's own. The doll aisles are actually pink. Not just the dolls, but the shelves. As if they are announcing THIS AISLE IS FOR GIRLS ONLY. Then there are rows and rows of white girl dolls. Sigh. I have had some luck online, but for the most part they are really overpriced. I am sad there is not more diversity in doll options.

Even right now as I type this, I know I should be sleeping. Teething has been killing us lately. I am getting about as much sleep as when he was a newborn with colic. The last three nights in a row, he got up around midnight and I had to hold him until morning. If I put him down, he would scream. I am exhausted.

So with no time to blog, I write pretend blog posts in my head during the day.

Some of them have been pretty good.

I wish you could read them....


  1. For what it's worth I hear ikea has great, affordable, multiethnic, gender neutral options. I hear you though, I get a little time to myself and spend it on looking for stuff for my kids!

  2. Have you tried Etsy for dolls? I've seen a good amount of diversity in dolls there...

    Hope you get some more sleep soon!

  3. The lack of accurate representations in dolls kills me. What is wrong with a black doll with curly hair? NOTHING!!!

  4. I would second Ikea, they had some multi racial multi gender options last time I was there (although this was Australia)

    The whole pinkification of little girls really irks me- like they can't be girls if they aren't drowned in pink.
    On a random note (and possibly a few years early...) have you seen Alphabet Glue magazine? I think it is only an e-zine, written by the blogger at http://birdandlittlebird.typepad.com/

    Zero connection to me, except that I once won a free copy of the magazine and found it quite interesting

  5. I was also going to suggest Etsy. Often, if you find something you mostly like, but would like a few changes, the seller can make those changes for you. I have done this a couple of times for various things I have ordered.

    I have seen cute rag-doll type dolls on there many times, some are even not ridiculously priced. :)

    I have been on the search for a black doll that actually has curly hair for a long time. Some are wavy, some have a bit of curl, none have hair like an actual black girl. So frustrating.

  6. Hey baby is number one! Hmmm... dolls of colour in the US shouldn't be so hard to find. Weird.

    I found these online: http://www.pattycakedoll.com/page/551990 & http://www.dollslikeme.com/store/c/684-Dolls.html