Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Please Stop Staring

Dear Restaurant Patrons,

I know I am fat. I know I have old, frumpy clothes. That's part of the deal with staying home with Jayden. Clothes for me are not a priority and there is no room for them in the budget.

I know my husband is 6' 6". I know you have all sorts of questions for him. Including, but not limited to: "My friend and I have a bet and I have to ask- How tall are you?" "Do you play football?" {Insert various other sports questions.} "Do you need a special extra long bed?"

I know my son doesn't look like us and you are trying to figure that out.

I know I brought a toddler in to a restaurant and you don't want us sitting near you.

But, PLEASE STOP STARING AT US! Believe it or not, when you are sitting at your table, you are not behind tinted windows or a one way mirror. We can see you. And when you stare for an extended amount of time with no smile, it comes across as disgust. Especially if you get the attention of someone else at your table and use your eyes to point at us. (YES, WE CAN SEE YOU.)

I may be busy getting my son settled in his high chair or entertaining him so he isn't too loud for you, but I promise my husband is noticing you staring. And I will have to hear about it during dinner. Then again on the way home. Then again as we are falling asleep that night. And we will have to discuss it and list all the reasons you could have been staring at us like that.

How about you just try to remember we are human beings trying to have a nice night out and not actually putting on a show for you to watch.

I rarely get to leave the house so please let me enjoy my night out with my Groupon.



Note to most grocery store, zoo, and museum people: Thank you for smiling and telling me how cute Jayden is. I don't know what is wrong with those restaurant people.


  1. That sucks! I'm sorry you're feeling so conscpicuous when just trying to have a nice meal.

  2. Ugh, what jerks.

    Also, I am the same with clothes. LOL It has gotten to the point where everything is getting holes and I am freaking out about having to go shopping and spending a fortune.

  3. SO true! I am also overweight and often I go out in clothes I am just comfortable with. My husband is also 6'6" and he has shaggy hair and beard. So I totally understand what you mean! :-)

  4. People can be so rude!!! Next time pick your nose and give them something interesting to stare at. ;-)

    1. Ha! This is awesome. Do this. Or teach Jay to ask them what they're looking at. ;)

  5. Ohhh, just had a similar experience with this at Tar.get! I am so sorry!!!

  6. I hate when people stare like that. Or when they talk about you, and you can hear them, but as if they care. People really suck sometimes. Sorry for the rude people :(

  7. People are idiots. And what is it with restaurants bringing out the worse in people? Between that and driving, sheesh. I hope that doesn't stop you from enjoying your nights out!

  8. So stupid. We get the stares too. Brown husband, brown baby, white momma, white big daughter, people are confused sometimes I think, but it still doesn't give them any right to stare.

  9. I think sometimes people stare just because they're curious. (But definitely, some people stare because they're jerks!) I must confess that I am guilty of having to make an effort not to stare if I see another family out-and-about that was obviously formed through adoption. I have even been tempted to strike up conversation before, just to make some new friends who can relate to our situation.

    I agree with Jess, next time this happens, start picking your nose and scratching your pits!

  10. I always just chalk it up to the fact Meg is so cute but they don't want to be nosy. It's like dining with a movie star.

  11. Well, I've met you, and I think all three of you are adorable and awesome, and I'd go to a restaurant with you and your loud baby any day!!!