Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clutter Is Relative

 If you haven't checked out SRB's Who Needs It decluttering challenge, you should!
My favorite thing about her challenge is that is lasts all year. You can really take your time with it. And even if you have some relapses, there is time to make up for it. I am trying to think of this as more of a lifestyle change and not a spring cleaning weekend.

My dresser from my previous post last month still looks the same. BUT I did find a couple good places you can donate bras, so I feel like I am one step closer to tackling that.  Check out The Bra Recyclers and Free The Girls if you are interested in donating bras that don't fit.

I have a couple of "after" photos from what I have done. I am aware that they are probably what some people's "before" pictures look like. But, for me, these show progress in the decluttering process.

This closet is in our bedroom and was completely filled with so much random STUFF. Basically things piled from the bottom up and none of it was even being used. The things ranged from old bath mats to Adam's bowling shoes to a corded phone in case we lose power. You get the idea. 

So now I opened up enough space that I could put shelves in for towels and fleece guinea pig blankets. Since getting the guinea pigs months ago, their stuff has been in a basket on the floor of our bedroom so this is much better. We've never had a linen closet so having space to put our towels is a big deal. We can even fit our vacuum in there! This was really exciting because we had been cramming it into the front hall closet and it was not a great place for it.


You're probably looking at these and thinking they look cluttered, but we really took a lot off them and organized them better.


There are still things that need to be addressed in this room. Like to the left of the picture is Adam's computer desk, which is still a disaster. The bookshelf has many random things on the top that are basically there so they are out of Jay's reach. And we should be getting rid of probably half the books on that bookshelf. We have a lot of filled bookshelves in our house.

But, the coffee table and couch were piled high with things. All things I dealt with just today. It feels good to have that area looking so much better. I couldn't tell you the last time anyone sat on that couch before today. It was probably Christmas.


I am embarrassed to admit my craft stuff and shipping supplies were on this table piled as high as the picture above the table. And all the chairs were covered.

Jay was pretty surprised when he woke up from nap.

There may have even been some dancing on the table. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. 

And we even had dinner at the table. Amazing.

(A special thank you to SRB for her dining room cleaning encouragement today!)


  1. Great work! What is it about tables that just attracts piles of stuff?!

  2. LISA!!!!! This looks great! It doesn't matter if it looks cluttered to someone else, it matters how it looks to YOU. More than matters how it feels! Jayden looks so PROUD of you!!! Me too, girl. This is so awesome. So glad it makes you feel good :)