Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sophia and Penelope

 Meet the newest additions to our family!

 Penelope is the black and white guinea pig with longer fur. Sophia is dark brown, light brown, and white. They're sisters and they're obsessed with each other. If they are apart for any amount of time, they call out to each other. One will start squeaking and the other one will answer and and they will get louder until they are together again.

 We got them in the Fall when they were babies. I can't believe they could both fit under there when they were little because now they are so big that they can't fit under there at all. Not even when there is just one of them.

Sisters sharing lettuce in their play yard. 

 I love how Penelope's front feet are white and her back ones are black.

 Jay is so good with the girls. He always makes sure they get fair amounts of fruits and vegetables. He's always getting them snacks and talking to them. They know to get excited if Jay goes in the fridge.


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  1. Awww they're so cute! And that's great that Jay is so good with them!