Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Autumn of Hope

It's time to say good-bye to the Summer of Suck and hello to Autumn of Hope.

I have not bought anything, other than small garage sale items, for the baby in a very long time. But, this week I bought a Moby wrap sling. I have had it picked out for two years, but finally bought it this week. I was thinking about how once our baby comes home, I will not have a lot of time with just baby before adding other kids into the mix and needed to be prepared for some baby wearing pretty quick.

It got me thinking about making a baby registry. Many people who wait a long time at our agency end up having placements with very little notice. I do not want to regret not having a registry set up. Mom and I are going to Buy Buy Baby tomorrow to start a registry!!

I am all about the hope lately.

I've decided enough bad stuff has happened and now it's time for the good.

I could really use your help, so please leave any registry advice you may have in the comments section. Thank you!!


  1. Have fun registering - it's overwhelming! Take a bottle of water, you'll probably want it halfway through the trek around the store.

  2. I think that sounds great! I have no advice for the registry but I hope you have a great time creating it!

  3. Two suggestions: First, get a copy of the book Baby Bargains which rates everything you would ever want/need and tells you which items are a waste of money. We found this especially helpful when choosing the big-ticket items (and deciding NOT to buy a wipes warmer).
    Second - decide ahead of time what types of things to choose during your registry trip. I'm not really a planner but having a general idea helped us get over the "so-many-to-choose-from" complex you often see at the store.

  4. Yay! I'm so excited for you. I love buy buy baby. Have fun!

  5. I second the Baby Bargains suggestion, it totally saved our sanity.
    But mostly I wanted to say: Goodbye summer, hello new opportunity... it is certainly your time!

  6. A third for Baby Bargains (and the companion Baby 411 is great for what to expect in the 1st year). Really, for the first 3 months you really need bottles (and this alone can be overwhelming), diapers, wipes, burp cloths (and nothing beats cloth diapers for this), bibs, onesies (and, for a newborn, the side snap kimono style work great until the umbilical stump falls off) and a place for baby to sleep (or be put down if you are going to co-sleep). So, a bouncer or swing or bassinet. Big receiving blankets work great for swaddling but many moms swear by the Miracle Blanket. Pacifiers (if you are going to use those). Carrier and base.
    That's what comes to mind...Good luck and happy shopping!

  7. Can't help with the suggestions - I skipped the baby stage - but just wanted to say I'm loving the Autumn of Hope already!

  8. Don't fall for the "have to haves." You do not need multiple changing pad covers, or nose suckers, or even special bathtubs. Get the 5 dollar big yellow bear shaped sponge, and just use it in your sink or bathtub.

    Oh, and no mitts. They hate them. And no clippers, use a file instead.

    Oh, and I am really bossy.

  9. Yay for the Autumn of Hope!

    I agree with doing some research before going in...there are so many products. Although, even with all the research we do before buying stuff, sometimes, you just have to try it out and see if it's going to work for you and the baby. That's one reason why I bought a Moby wrap this time around. I didn't like the baby bjorn so much for newborns. It worked well for when she was a little bit older.

    I also agree with the comment above about needing very little for the first few months. And I find the onesies that snap up the front (or the kimono style ones) extremely helpful until the baby is able to sit up. I found it really akward to put the ones that go over their head on - especially when they are newborns. I have quite a few onesies that I hardly used because of this.

    Have a great time!!!

  10. Just read the comment from Logical Libby - I agree and disagree. I agree that you don't have to fall for the "have to haves"

    However, after Oliver having 2 bad colds this year and no way of blowing his nose - the snot sucker saved us. Although, the bulb ones are useless. We actually found a motorized one and also one where you actually suck in through a tube. They will hate any of the options (however, dealing with a baby who is miserable for a few minutes while you are sucking the snot or dealing with them being miserable all night/all day long because they have some much snot and can't choose) so I find that the motorized one is very efficient at doing the job so you're not spending forever. The one where you suck it out through a tube also works really well. If you want I can send you the info.

    As for the bathtub. No, you don't really need one; however, most of them come with a insert that lays across the top (mine is the fisher price rainforest one) and this insert is wonderful for newborns. It's not easy trying to give them a bath and support them and wash them all at once without extra hands. Also, I used the baby bathtub with Holly for a long time...until she was able to confindently sit up. Otherwise, it makes giving them a bath in the big tub difficult unless you are in it. For me, the convience of the tub has turned out to be well worth the money we spent on it.

    Another item that you may think you need is a high chair. I know some people who've never had one and just use a booster seat. It saves a lot of space.

    Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

  11. Oh I am so hopeful for you too! Good for you for registering. You're right, when you have a placement it will be SO quick and you'll be so caught up in it you won't have time to tell people what you want/need.

    Please let me know when it's up. I want to be ready to buy something when you get your baby!!

    -Anika (@EsqWearsPrada)

  12. I think registering is a great idea! I have no idea what I'm doing either, but I got the baby bargains book and it has helped alot! Definitely recommend.

  13. Hey, just responding to your comment on my blog. :) Yes, I registered (and dragged DH too just so he could "experience" it all with me. ha) I've heard that the nose sucker is not really something you need because many times you get the one from the hospital and those are way better. That being said, someone will get you one (or two or three in my case) even if you don't register for it! Same with nail clippers. In fact, I think I returned multiple first aid kits, it was ridiculous. All the registeries have lists of stuff they say you need. While quite a bit of it is extraneous it's a good place to start. I liked Baby Bargains too, it's very helpful for focusing your attention on what you need vs. what the stores try to sell you. Make sure that as people are getting you gifts (like if you have a shower) that you save all the gift receipts because these stores suck at updating registries, especially when people buy on the same day at different locations. I can't figure out how, when everything is in their computer that they screwed it up but they did. So annoying!

  14. This is great to read after just hearing your news. Autumn of Hope - love this!!!!