Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Storm Anxiety

Apparently the storm of the century is headed this way.

Usually there is nothing that scares me more than a snowday. It means all of a sudden I have a house full of kids all day long because they don't have school. I get a call at 5 AM and I am scrambling to get ready for a full day of activities, snacks, meals, and crazy kids.

Everyone is wondering whether school will be closed tomorrow. It's all over Facebook right now. It takes a lot for schools to close around here.

THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!! I just want to know!

But, as much as school closings are on my mind, the thing I am really worried about is losing power.

We don't lose power very often, but with a baby in the house now, it's made us nervous about it. It's funny how things change. We've never given a power outage a second thought.

Tonight we found our corded phone that we have for emergencies and plugged it in to a phone jack. (Since our cordless phones woudln't work without power.) I've made sure my cell phone is fully charged. (If there is a power outtage, it's important I still have a way to tweet, hehe.)

We have gathered all the candles in the house and put them in one place, along with candle lighters.

We made sure the batteries in the flashlight work.

Adam checked the pantry and decided we could live for months on what was in there.

We have about two weeks of formula and plenty of water.

I washed all the cloth diapers and wipes tonight.

So, we are ready. Ready as we'll ever be.

I hate going to bed not knowing what I will wake up to....

One thing is for sure. We will be doing a lot of shoveling tomorrow.


  1. Hoping you don't lose power. Especially with the little one!

  2. Good luck! I'd be pretty sure you'll have a snow day... Enjoy your time with the kids!

  3. Good luck today, Lisa! I hope you don't lose power.

  4. My mom was in a similiar boat so she decided from then on she would only watch teachers kids. That way when there is no school or vacations she is off too. She LOVES it. :) I hope you're hanging in there.

  5. UGH, I do not envy you!! But it sounds like you're more than ready. Deep breaths! It'll all be good with baby J at your side! :)

  6. Come to Arizona!!

    Stay safe... and pictures please, I forget what all that white stuff looks like :-)