Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Excitement

I've been super picky about choosing an Easter basket for Jayden. Adam and I have matching ones that I absolutely love and I wanted something special for Jayden too since he will have it for years.I searched in stores and on the internet. Finally yesterday, when I wasn't even looking for one, I came across one I love! Yay. So relieved to have it.

I was also on the lookout for one last Easter present. I already got Jayden some books and a few other things to put in his basket, but I was looking for a toy. Yesterday I found something I knew he would love. Lately he has been walking around the living room holding on to whatever he can. He hates when he has to crawl instead. I saw him try to take a toy with him just so he can walk by holding on to the top of the toy. So, I knew he would love this. I was so excited I decided I could not possibly wait until Easter to give it to him. (The bright side of him being too young to really understand Easter.) So, when we went to my parents' house after the store, I brought the box in and immediately started putting it together while everyone else ate lunch.

Here are some pictures of Jayden with his Easter present:


It may take a little practice before he gets the hang of moving his feet as the toy moves.

Jayden's Easter basket! (The bunny came a little early this year :)

For those of you still waiting and hoping to start your family, please go read my Easter post from last year to remind yourself of how much things can change in just one year. Easter is tough. Hang in there. Do something for yourself and if it's better for you to say no to Easter egg hunts and family gatherings, do it.



  1. Go Jayden Go! He's really on the move! I love that basket, it is perfect.

  2. He is going to be walking in no time! He looks very proud of himself!

  3. What a great gift! Thanks for the reminder of how things can change...Easter is a tough one, I agree.

  4. What is this toy called and where did you get it? I think I have to copy you!

  5. He's getting so big! What a great present!

  6. I have been following your blog for quite some time, in fact I remember your Easter post last year. I am so glad that you have your beautiful Jayden to celebrate with this year! I am also really into Easter, and although I'm going through a rough time in my life right now, I love being able to put together a cute Easter basket for my almost 6 month old. It brings such a smile to my face!