Saturday, June 25, 2011

Craft Supply Hoarder Update

You may remember my post about being a craft supply hoarder. Since I wrote that post last March, I have been working on changing our back porch into a craft room. Even though most days I could only work on it 5-10 minutes at a time before the baby would need me, I did get it done little by little.

As I said, organization is very difficult for me.

I was actually very proud of myself for what I did.

It took me forever to put the shelves together and organize things into baskets. (Yes you read that right- I organized things into little baskets!!!)

I was going to take pictures to post on here. I just had a few things to finish.

Then it happened.

The night before our court investigator came (the very last step to finalizing our adoption!) I was trying to get Jayden to sleep and Adam was doing some last minute cleaning, which included putting something on the craft shelves. I was upstairs in the nursery so I didn't hear the loud crashing sound.

Adam came up and gave me the bad news.

All of our shelving that was holding my scrapbooking supplies had come apart and there were craft supplies EVERYWHERE.

Open stamp pads, spilled beads, all kinds of paper, stickers, markers, glue, scissors, photographs...

It was bad.

I had a complete breakdown and then we came up with a plan. My mom came over with large totes and we threw it all in them...then hid the totes in our cars! Our cars were filled- front, back, and trunk.

Our inspector came the next day and everything went very well.

So, now I am left with bins full of scrapbooking stuff. Exactly where I was at months ago. How depressing is that?

One thing I know for sure is that after all that craziness, I deserve real shelves this time, right? Not flimsy wire cubes that come apart!

I can't believe I am starting over again.


  1. Oh no!!! I can't believe everything fell down! And the night before the visit!!! I'm so sorry! And yes, you definitely deserve some good shelves this time!!!

  2. Lisa~oh my!! Well..hooray for storage bins, cars and being one step closer to your finalization!!

  3. I would have cried. I'm so sorry, Lisa. I'm glad you came up with a temporary plan for the visit, but it still sucks that you have to do all of that work again. I wish I lived closer. I would totally come over and help. I LOVE to organize! (Yeah, I'm a freak.)

  4. SO FRUSTRATING!! I just got our spare bedroom organized as my craft space and now that baby #2 is coming, we need to move everything downstairs into a semi fininshed rec room. Not looking forward to being banished to the basement! (If my stuff is not on the main level, my time for crafting is severely limited.)

  5. That blows! just know though, that the investigator probably would have been cool... I mean, after all, shit happens.

  6. That sucks! I am still working on organizing all of my craft stuff. It's insane how much I have collected!

  7. I think Libby is right, the inspector probably would have understood. Not that I would have done anything differently then you did. :) One of our workers had told me after I had spent hours and hours cleaning, that they never look at things with "white gloves," they know people live real lives. I spent so much time in the bedrooms and basement, and they just glanced in both rooms...

  8. Oh no! That sounds like something that would happen to me. I would have had a break down too!

  9. What's funny is that you just left a comment on my blog today, then I click on a headline that looks interesting and it's YOU! So jealous you have a craft room, but so sorry about that mess. Ugh! My parents hid all kinds of stuff in their cars when they were trying to sell their house and then would never be able to find things like the toaster or coffee pot. :) Can't wait to see what you choose and how it turns out! And nice to connect via the blog world. :)