Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Goals

Summer Goals:
  • Survive my sister's baby shower and my family reunion in 93 degree heat. (Note- I melt if it's over 72)
  • Organize my craft stuff and finish transforming our back porch into my craft room.
  • Finish planning Jayden's 1st birthday party.
  • Use all my groupons.
  • Learn how to cook all the vegetables we get in our CSA.
  • Make time for "date nights" with Adam after Jayden goes to sleep.
  • Get caught up on Jayden's scrapbook (which I haven't even started!)
  • Teach Jayden more signs.
  • Take Jayden to the beach.
  • Take Jayden to the water part of the Zoo.
  • Get new families to sign up for childcare in the Fall.
  • Finalize our adoption!!
What are your summer plans?


  1. The biggest? Finish unpacking. From our move. In April. My goal is Labor Day, because we decided to have a BBQ that day and people will actually have to have a place to sit down. And cardboard boxes shouldn't count as tables :)

  2. I have SO many Groupon and Living Social deals to use, probably around 12 I think. They add up so fast! My biggest summer plan was to lose weight. Ha!

  3. I had all hopes of getting Garrett's scrapbook up to date but I think I've completed all of 2 pages of it! Summer just goes by way too fast!