Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Buddies

I feel lucky to have so many twitter friends with September babies. It's been great to check in with each other and give/receive advice and support when needed. We all went through similar things at the same times and it was so nice to have each other over the past year.

There are even three babies that were born on the same day as Jayden! I love that Jayden has birthday buddies. Erin's twin girls Evelyn and Charlotte and Amber's little boy Aidan.

I really appreciate the friendship I've developed with Erin over the past year and love keeping up with her adorable girls. We have had many of the same worries about our kids over the past year and it's so nice to read her tweets everyday and know I am not alone.

Amber and I both had long adoption waits and it was a complete coincidence that our boys ended up being born on the exact same day! Truly amazing. We both survived colic and I feel as though we should have bracelets or T-shirts made. She has been a great friend and our boys will always be connected-- even though one of them is in Alaska and the other one is in NY.

Because Jayden's 9/11 birthday buddies are so special, I wanted to include them in our party plans. Even if it's something very small.

I made animals that will be part of centerpieces for the tables. Evelyn and Charlotte are having an owl birthday theme so I made an owl. Aidan is having a mickey mouse themed party so I did a mouse for his.

I know it's kind of silly..and it's definitely a small gesture...but it is special to me that I will have a little piece of them at Jayden's party since they couldn't be there in person.

Some of the animals I made for the other centerpieces:

Poor panda. He lost an eye.
I keep expecting to find it, but I think I might just have to make a new one.

Jayden loves kitties!


  1. These look fantastic!! Liam is so jealous that he missed the 9/11 bday party by 10 days... but I told him he could be a belated birthday buddy. :)

  2. These are adorable. My husband saw them on the computer screen and shouted "Look at the Koala!" and then "THE RACCOON!" He likes them too!

    So maybe if I can get him to give up his pink baseball party for the girls I can borrow your animals ;)

    (He just said no. It was worth a try)

  3. Lisa, all of J's party goodies area amazing!!! i can't wait to see everything together on the big day.

    Love it all! And how sweet you have your friends "represented" at the party.

  4. So cute, Lisa. You are one crafty lady. Jayden is going to have a awesome first birthday!

  5. Oh these animals are so very cute!!!