Monday, July 30, 2012

A Day At The Farm

I took Jayden to a farm last week and he loved it! 

As we were getting ready to go, I was telling him about  all the animals we would see. He said "Peek A Boo Barn?" (It's an app he likes to play on my Nook.) Yes, this is a real life Peek A Boo Barn, haha.

 He found more animals under the platform.

 Baby goat.

 Pretending to eat like the goat.

 He had to look in each shed to make sure he was not missing any animals.

 Feeding sheep.

 Petting sheep.

 Playing with sheep.

 Free range Jayden.

 Climbing a tractor.

 He went down the big slide!

 Just two buddies having a conversation.

He heard a mom say that two year olds are too little to go up this and I think he took it as a personal challenge because he went right over and started climbing.

He had the best time. We'll definitely have to go again and bring Adam next time.


  1. Sounds fun! In regards to your previous post, you are BRAVE! I have issues with my lady parts and it took me four years to get the courage to go again after a terrible visit (and my diagnosis was nowhere near as scary as cancer!!) You rock for going AND to admitting to being afraid. No one understood my fear about going and it was very lonely!

  2. Oh, also I was so nervous my dr had me go on valium for the visit. Hopefully your dr is as compassionate as mine!

  3. Love the pictures, Jayden is such a sweet boy. Looks like he is very busy and very cute!

  4. What an amazing day!!! I love the pics of him exploring all over. What a great experience!

  5. Dear Lisa
    I love yoooooou!
    Love Me

    (and J, love you too)