Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Pictures

 Adam and I love the Fall. Being able to share that with Jayden has been so much fun.

 I love hearing him say "pumpkins!"

 One thing I have learned as a parent is that you take a picture before telling your toddler that they can't climb into the pen with the pigs ;)

 Hanging out with friends at a farm.

Halloween decorations:

 Some pictures from a Halloween party we had.


Carving pumpkins:

Halloween day:
 Brinkley as a vampire!

Halloween fun wore him out.


 Checking out the decorations back at our house: 

 Jay got to pick what he wanted on two of the pumpkins so of course they were The Count and Elmo!

Checking out everything he got. I was thankful for the neighbor who gave him Halloween pretzels so there was something he could eat right away.

He loved trick-or-treating, but he loved giving out candy to kids who came to the door even more. Every time the doorbell rang, he ran to the door all excited. A couple times he even ran off after the kids when they left.

It was a really special day. I always enjoyed Halloween- going all out with decorating and giving out candy to cute little kids, but it's a whole new world now that we have Jayden here to celebrate Halloween with.