Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 Months



He randomly started making a fishy face during the photo shoot. He had never done it before. There are a bunch of silly fishy face pictures like this:

I can't believe Jayden is half a year old! How did that happen?!

He now weighs 14 lbs, 6 oz and is 26 3/4 inches long.

The biggest change in the past month is that he is very mobile!

It started with rolling over from back to front. He has been sleeping on his belly ever since. In fact, that is why we finally had to stop swaddling him. The first night he knew how to, he rolled over during the night...with his swaddle on! In the morning I found him sleeping on his belly fully swaddled. That was the last night he went to bed with a swaddle.

It wasn't long before the crawling began. Yes, CRAWLING. Crazy. It's been such a huge change.  He's on the move!

We've done some creative baby proofing. Yes, that's the coffee table in front of the fireplace.

He's been doing crazy stuff like this:

Which scares me! He is such a little dare devil baby. He tries to climb things, like his bouncy chair or bumbo seat, all the time.

Eating solids is going very well. We have done brown rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, avocados, mangoes, and yogurt! (I will probably do a separate post about making baby food.)

Some of Jayden's favorite toys this past month:

There is still a lot of drooling and chewing, but no teeth!

Looking at himself in the mirror is still a big hit.

He loves the cats. He gets a huge smile on his face when one of them comes in the room. Layla is the only one that will actually stick around when he gets close.

He is finally getting some baby chub on his legs....

And his hands....

I just can't believe what a big boy he is now!!

And how lucky we are that we get to spend everyday with him!


  1. Aww, what a sweet little man he is. His eyes just sparkle. He must have a good mama!

  2. He's getting soooo big! And sooooo cute! Where does the time go???

  3. He IS huge! And hugely cute! Love the thigh-chub photo... need... more.... of those....

  4. Crawling?! Oh, momma, you're in trouble!! He's going to be a total charmer!!

  5. Mine is six months old, too, but I have been spared crawling so far.

    Congratulations, he's SO CUTE.

  6. Stopping by from ICLW #63 & 153. Congrats on your beautiful baby and the end of a long journey. I look forward to reading more of your story.

  7. Wow, Crawling??!! That is so early! I wonder if he will be an early walker too :-) He is adorable!!

  8. He is just precious. I love his little grin.

  9. I cannot believe that he is 6 months old!!! HOLY COW. He's so freaking precious. I can't wait to meet him in person!!!

  10. What a little pumpkin! Love the photos!

  11. What a fabulous post with all these pics! Love it!

  12. He looks great! You are lucky! I still feel that way about my daughter at 4-years-old. That amazing appreciation of getting to spend your life with a child after wishing for so long, never goes away.

  13. Happy 6 months, Jayden!!

    And, yes, I would love a baby food making post!

  14. Aww so sweet! Yes do a post on baby food! I can't believe that is right around the corner for us.

  15. Stopping in from ICLW.

    What an adorable boy your son is. Your blog post made my day! So smart to take so many photos, time goes by so fast.

  16. Visiting for ICLW...

    Oh my WORD what a cutie!! He is too adorable. Hope you've got your running shoes ready, because he looks like he's ready to go exploring!

    (Love the creative babyproofing, btw!)

  17. Ok, I need to come over for a visit before he starts walking!!! He is such a special little man :)

  18. What a little sweetheart! My little girl is only 3 months behind and it's hard for me to imagine her being able to crawl!

  19. He gets cuter every freaking day!