Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I don't Want My Toys. I Want The Big Kid Toys.

Jayden was playing with his toys on his playmat.

But it wasn't long before he decided he was done with the baby toys and wanted to play with the things the big kids were playing with.

He's pretty proud of himself.

Good thing the kids love him and are good sports. They came back from eating breakfast to find that the baby wrecking crew had visited the village they built.


  1. The big kid toys are always more interesting! As is the toilet paper, the box it came in, the spoon you're trying to feed then with...I really don't know why I bother buying toys!

  2. Too cute! My son has the same play mat. And truthfully, he still loves playing with it- and he's one! Now he stands and walks around it. So, even when Jayden is a "big" kid, he'll love playing with all kinds of stuff!

  3. What an adorable and happy boy!!! Love these pics.