Thursday, October 6, 2011

12ish Months

Okay, so it's almost 13 months now. I started this post weeks ago, but never ended up taking official 12 month pictures and then kind of gave up and left this post just sitting here. is Jayden's 12 month post :)

Jayden is one!! And it's awesome. I am amazed everyday at how smart he is and how much he understands now.

Last night, Adam was in the dining room talking to Brinkley as he gave him medicine. After he was done, he said "Okay, you're finished." Jayden, who wasn't in the same room as them and couldn't even see them, signed "finished." Then Adam told Brinkley he did a good job and Jayden started clapping. Sometimes it amazes me how much he picks up on that I wouldn't think he was even paying attention to.

One of Jayden's new signs is "fish." Why he picked that one, I have no idea. We don't have fish. He has only seen real fish a handful of times and that was months ago. But, whenever we say fish, he signs it. He also signs it whenever he gets to the fish page in his sign language book. It's the only sign he does as he goes through the book. It probably confuses him that I say "fish" when we see them in books and also when he eats goldfish crackers.

He loves his stuffed animal kitty. Loves. He carries it around and gives it kisses. And if you tell him to get his kitty, he knows what you're talking about.

One time I was telling him he should say thank you to Aunt Katie for a present and he went and picked up kitty instead. hehe.

Speaking of our cats, for the life of me I can't figure out why, but they aren't afraid of Jayden anymore. In fact, sometimes it seems like they seek him out. I don't get it. They lay down right next to him and he starts off being gentle for like a minute and then before you know it he's pulling their hair. Both Adam and I have even seen him try to pick cats up by their rump. They don't care. WHAT? We can't figure it out. We separate them as soon as we see it get rough, but it drives us nuts. We're so afraid that at some point they will snap and scratch him. We've been trying to teach him "nice" and "gentle."

Just recently he started to say "Daddy" instead of just "Dada." He signs it as he says it. I tried to teach him "Mommy" (instead of just "mama") but every time I say it, he responds by saying "Daddy" and signing it. It makes me wonder why I taught him how to do it in the first place! haha.

He seems to have a better understanding of kisses and hugs now and he likes to give them out, which is adorable. His kisses are wet and sloppy and I'm a little afraid each time that he will eat my face by the way he comes at me, but they're great.

 He's so funny. He makes us laugh all the time. I remember at an early appointment, I think his 4 month appointment, our pediatrician asked us a word to describe him and we said funny. We could tell already he had a sense of humor and liked to play and make us laugh.

I put away his summer clothes and bought him all new Fall/Winter clothes... and then realized size 12 months was too big for him. Over and over again I tried different outfits and his pants kept falling to his ankles. Even with the cloth diapers. Plus they were too long and he was tripping over them. I don't really know what made me so convinced 12 months should fit. Because he is 12 months? I don't know. (Although in my defense, some of his all in one summer outfits were 12 months. But, I think the sizing on those are more like onesie sizing, which seems to run small.) So, after a big shopping spree weekend I ended up going back the next weekend and getting him 9 months clothes. It's a good thing I buy all his stuff at consignment stores! It would be nice if he would hurry up and grow though so he can wear the 12 month wardrobe I bought him before it's spring time!

Jayden's little cousin was born!

I had sent my sister most of Jayden's clothes, but not any of the super small stuff. My little nephew decided to come two weeks early and is as small as Jay was, so I ended up going through Jay's super small clothes. Which made me teary. I can't believe he was ever that small!

For some reason packing up bottles also made me weepy. We've been off of bottles for a couple weeks now but I finally packed them all up. (It took them all falling on me when I opened the cupboard for me to finally do it.) I'm going to miss them. Feeding Jayden while all snuggled up together was so special. Now he drinks from a sippy cup while walking around the room and playing.

Sleep is finally starting to get a little better. He's actually had a few nights recently of sleeping through the whole night in his crib. The only thing that gets in the way of him doing it more are those darn teeth. New ones keeps popping up! He now has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

Even though it makes me weepy that Jayden is now 1 year old and will never be that tiny baby again.....this age is awesome. He is so much fun.


He thinks anything the big kids do with him is awesome.

Visiting the bunny at the Apple Mill.

He discovered that the way to win Lilly over is with ribbon.

Lately he spends more time sitting in his toy box than playing with toys.

Any toy with wheels is usually found like this. He loves wheels!

Everyone wears their shirts like this, right? It's the new style.
(He's figured out how to take his clothes off.)


  1. Mea always loved sitting in her toy box, too. She would typically dump all the toys out first, but she loved sitting in any of her bins.

    Jayden is adorable. He just gets cuter by the minute.

  2. He is so cute! I love the new fashion statement!

  3. Oh he's so very cute! I still can't believe he's a year old... Love the pics - you do such a good job at documenting his growth and milestones!