Sunday, October 30, 2011

Playing In The Backyard with Grandpa

We were at my parents' house yesterday so Adam could help them dig out an area of their backyard for a hot tub. (Which, by the way, I am VERY excited about.) While we were there, my dad took some pictures of Jayden in the backyard.

I love them so I decided to share :)

So proud of himself for getting the little pumpkin to stay on the big pumpkin.


I could not find these pictures when I originally did this post, but I just found them on my Dad's Facebook page.

These were taken exactly one year earlier than the above pictures :)

He was 6 weeks old in these pictures.



  1. I love his expressions on his face! Such a cute boy!!!

  2. I love these pictures--such a wonderful document of fall--and of how big Jayden has gotten! Happy Halloween!

  3. He is just so adorable. So proud of himself!

  4. OMG. He's SO frickin' adorable!! <3

  5. Look how big he's gotten!

  6. They grow sooooooo fast eh? He is of course, SO CUTE!