Friday, October 21, 2011

Therapy Isn't Free

The truth is, I either need to start really blogging again, or go to therapy. I need an outlet. I work at home all day with kids. My only regular adult interaction comes from twitter. And my brain is always on full speed. Worrying and overthinking are my real full time jobs.

I don't have money for therapy.

So, blogging it is.

I think if I get a little better with my time management, I can make blogging more of a priority.

I mean, really, who needs to actually fold laundry and put it away when you can just wear clothes that have been sitting in the laundry basket on your bedroom floor? ;)

Do you have any time management tricks?


  1. I think, like anything else (doctors appointments, hygiene appointments (you know, hair, waxing, whateveryoudo), exercise) you need to calendar time to write. I also think that allowing yourself to have multiple posts in draft form is also good, even if you only manage a title or a few bullet points that you'd like to flush out.

    Good luck with it. We can't afford it right now, but I fork over $150/session to see my therapist. It was 1/wk, then 1/every other, now it is about 1/3-4wks.

  2. The trick is: Get more laundry baskets. This way you don't feel the need to fold and put away one load to make room for a new one! ;-) I'm with you on those full time jobs...they're exhausting!

  3. I am slowly getting better at time management. It takes effort, but it's worth it. I have a list of things I need to get done in a day. Once that list is complete, I make a list of what things I want to do in a day. Then, I start working on that list.

    I also make sure that my blogging time is around the same time every day. If I get to do bloggy stuff during my lunch time, then if I have time's just a bonus.

    Good luck!

  4. No clue - I'm very interested to see what my life will look like with a baby and all that is involved... But I hope you figure out how to keep up with the bloggy world - as you know, it's so helpful!!!