Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being Profiled

We got a call during the day on Tuesday from our adoption agency about a profiling opportunity in Indiana.

After being told all the details about the opportunity, I found out the price and had a complete meltdown. Apparently the price for out of state has gone up. Up from an amount we already could not afford.

For the first few months of being "homestudy ready," we were not profiled for out of state cases because we told them we could not afford it. But, after a while I realized that out of state cases make up about a third of all cases and we just could not close ourselves off to that many opportunities. So, we agreed to be profiled for those cases, knowing that if we were chosen we would need to take out ANOTHER loan.

So, the price going up even more was a huge deal. I actually cried on the phone. I could not help it. I had to tell them I would call back after talking to Adam about it.

I was a total chicken and e-mailed the case details to Adam at work and told him about the price change. I didn't have the guts to call him because I didn't want to hear him say no. He completely shocked me and wrote back to say yes. He said after all this time he doesn't even care about money anymore. He pointed out that there is a big chance we won't be chosen anyway, so we should just say yes and find out. Which is what I had hoped he would say.

I just have to know we did everything we could. I don't want to keep wondering what if this was the time we would have been chosen.

And ever since we said yes to being profiled, all I can think is......


I don't care about the cost.  Please, please, please pick us!


  1. I am praying so hard for y'all to get your baby <3

  2. Please, please pick Lisa and Adam!

    There is SO much I have to learn about adoption, and I get the feeling that all that I have learned from you (and that's a considerable amount) is just the tip of the iceberg. So being profiled for out-of-state means that they would include you in their "materials" as a prospective parent. But the cost you are referring to is only for one state? How many states would you look at? And would you only have to pay if you were selected? I'm still crossing my fingers... I hope you get *your* baby soon (and also that your baby shows up through the least expensive option :-)

  3. Kate,
    Out of state is actually not the real issue. It is that it's out of agency. So, I would have to pay the people in Indiana, as well as my own agency. So, since I am paying twice, it's more money.

    This is one case I am being profiled for. One expectant mother who is due in April will be looking at profiles (our profile will be one of them) and she will choose one.

    The profiles were mailed out on Tuesday and I am just waiting now to hear whether we were chosen.

    If we are chosen, we will have to travel to Indiana when the baby is born.

    Hope that helps explain it a little better!

  4. So it's sort of like using the MLS, if you are selling a house? You have to pay your agent, and the buyer's agent?

    They should make a TRUE MLS type thing, where you sign up with one agency and then birth mother's can look through EVERYONE's listings without having to sign up at several agencies. We have the technology, we could make this happen.

  5. I so hope you get your baby SOON!

  6. I hope this is it!

    And, do you know about the adoption tax credit? Could help with the expense...

  7. Fingers crossed for you! I hope this is it.

  8. Yes, I do know about the adoption tax credit. That's how I hope to pay off part of the first loan I took out :)

    Hopefully it is still available when we finalize!

  9. I wish you luck. When the right situation comes along, it will happen. You have to believe that.