Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cancer Free

I had my post-op appointment today and I am officially cancer free!!!

In typical Dr. House fashion, my oncologist stood in the doorway the entire time and the appointment was over in less than ten minutes.

But, it was all good news!

The cancer was definitely only stage one and they got it all during surgery. In fact, there was very little left in there after my D&C in November.

I require no further treatment.

I don't even have to have my follow-up appointments with my oncologist. I will be going to my gynocologist to be checked every six months for the first two years and then once a year after that.

I could not have made it through the past month and a half without all the love and support I have received. If you are reading this, then YOU are who I am talking about! Thank you so much!!!


  1. Hip hip hooray! Especially about not having to see the annoying oncologist again!

  2. OMG, That is great news!!!! I cannot even begin to think about how happy and the stress that has been taken off your mind!

    I am super happy for you!

  3. This is such good news! I am so happy for you!

  4. Oh thank god!!! I'm very very happy for you!! :) YAY!!

  5. so so so so happy and grateful about this!

  6. What a relief! I'm so glad to hear you received such great news. Hoping it keeps on coming!

  7. What wonderful news.
    May GOD continue to bless you and your family. :)