Friday, March 19, 2010


Adam with his Grandma

Adam's grandma passed away yesterday at the age of 93. She had a nice long life and it really was her time. She broke her hip a couple months ago and things went downhill for her from there. Her health declined quickly and her mind started to go. Adam talked to her a few months ago and they had a great conversation about old times. She remembered everything. They were joking and laughing and exchanging lines from My Blue Heaven, a movie they loved to watch together. Then he spoke with her a week ago and she wasn't the same person at all. She didn't seem to know what Adam was talking about most of the time. He tried to tell her that we are adopting, but she didn't seem to understand. She just said, "That's interesting."

The thing that makes me so sad for Adam is that he won't get the chance to call her and tell her about her great grandchild. I know that was something he was really looking forward to. I actually had a little photo album set aside that I was going to fill with pictures to send to her.

This has gotten me thinking about my grandma too. She had a stroke and lived in a nursing home for a couple years before passing away. Every time I went to visit her, she would try talking me into having a baby. She didn't really understand at the time that I was trying my best. We wanted nothing more than to have a baby. I dreamed of telling her the news that I was pregnant.

It's been seven years since we started trying to have a baby. And as much as we feel like our lives are on hold, it's very clear that time keeps flying by.

A picture of me and my Grandma Mary


  1. <3 Thinking of both of you.

  2. Even though she may be physically away from you both, I think she'll still know.

    My grandmother passed away seven years ago. She never saw me get married (but she also hasn't seen me struggle to try and get pregnant). I just keep telling myself that she's with me in spirit and when that happy day arrives for me, she'll be right there with me in my heart.

    I feel like it will be the same for both of you. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

  3. Grandmothers mean the world to me. I find myself helping random old ladies whenever I can because I'm sad that I don't have a grandma to look after. I lost my first grandma in 1990 and then my other in 2002. I miss them and think about them everyday. I hope you guys do the same. I find myself talking to them, looking for guidance when I need it. I had the honor of meeting your grandma Mary and always thought of her as my own grandma when she used to come to visit when I was younger. I never met Adam's, but it sounds like she was one awesome lady. Don't be sad about their deaths, celebrate their lives and remember them as often as possible.

    I've been planning my first tattoo and it's 100% dedicated to my grandma :)

  4. Oh I'm so sorry for you and your hubby's loss! That's so hard to know that you won't be able to share this part of your life with people that you really wanted to - for a long time! Thinking of you!!!