Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jayden's First Christmas

My family was in town for Christmas and New Years and we had a great time. Going into this Christmas, I didn't think Jayden would even notice it was Christmas. I figured he was too young to enjoy it at all. But, despite only being 3 months old, he loved it. All night on Christmas Eve when we opened presents he was babbling and laughing. Huge smiles at everyone. He was looking at the wrapping paper (especially the red paper) and the Christmas lights. He is head over heals in love with his Aunts and Uncles and loved having them home all week. I feel like I can honestly say he had a great first Christmas.

Opening his first present!

It's a book! Jayden loves books!!

Happy little man.

Sign Language DVD from Aunt Katie

I put together a book of Jayden's first 3 months with Grandma and Grandpa and gave it to them for Christmas. Everyone was in tears. Sometimes it is emotional just thinking about how grateful we are to have Jayden in our lives.

Dancing with Aunt Christy

I may or may not have put Jayden's sweater vest on Brinkley.

Sitting on Daddy's lap while Grandpa plays guitar for Jayden.

Nap with Grandpa.

Showing Uncle Arthur how well he stands.

Having a conversation with Uncle Eric.

Hanging out with Grandma.

Jayden holding these drum sticks so well cracks me up because holding on to things is a new skill of his. He is so happy to be playing drums with Grandpa. He had been watching him all night.

Loving Aunt Katie.

The highchair Jayden got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa.

Sleeping on Mommy.
(Yes, my hair is a mess and my shirt is inside out. That is an accurate representation of how I look these days.)

We miss everyone, but we are so thankful to have had the holidays together.


  1. I'm totally crying. I'm so happy you guys adopted. He looks so healthy and happy.

  2. Ahhh, now I am able to understand why it was so hard for your brothers and sisters to leave!!! What an awesome holiday for your whole family!

  3. What a lucky family.

    Oh, BTW I went to work one day with my shirt inside out.

  4. This looks like a perfect first Christmas. I am so happy for you.

  5. Love these pictures, everyone looks so happy!

  6. These pictures made me teary - in a happy way. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. You have a wonderful family, and Jayden looks so thrilled on his 1st Christmas!

  7. I am so happy for the entire family! You all look so happy- especially Jayden!

  8. Aw so cute - I was smiling because of his sweet smile! I'm so thrilled he had a great First Christmas!

  9. Jayden is just so cute! I love his hair and he looks so happy!

  10. What adorable pictures!! I am so happy for you! I would love to feature your success story on my blog! BTW, what's your new twitter name?
    Here's a link to the questions:
    Thanks in adcance!