Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution is to keep up with blogging. It is easy to get tired and overwhelmed and decide there just isn't time for it, but I have recently reminded myself how important it is for my mental health.

It was a major adjustment when I started working from home. I love it, especially since it allows me to be home with Jayden everyday, but I do miss having co-workers.

My days are spent with children, so the adult interaction that comes from blogging and tweeting is absolutely necessary.

Blogging is also a healthy outlet for all my thoughts. I find that the longer I go without blogging, the more anxiety I feel. So, for 2011 I have made a promise to myself that I will make the time for it. Even if my husband comes home and asks me why the clean laundry is still sitting in the laundry baskets on the bedroom floor after 4 days. (Why put it away when you can just wear things right out of the basket? Who needs drawers?)

I also want to keep up with blog reading and commenting. I've been trying to do blog reading when I can, but commenting gets a little harder since I am often one handed when I am reading. In the meantime, please know your blog comments are amazing and always appreciated. Just on my last post, your comments gave me great ideas and reassurance that we are doing okay. (I am thinking we might need a video monitor.)

What are your New Year's Resolutions?


  1. I am so with you on the blogging being good for mental health. I really do feel like it is such a great outlet and an absolute necessity some days. I for one and glad you're sticking around. :)

  2. I also need to get better about commenting. I've been a terrible commenter lately!

  3. I agree with the blogging, it is a great outlet! I don't really make resolutions but I'm trying not to worry about the adoption "timeline". I'm also trying to keep myself healthy.

  4. Writing is indeed cathartic. I no longer make resolutions, per se, but did post what I am looking forward to in MMXI:


  5. I definitely find writing therapeutic - I love that you're resolving to keep this up!

  6. Blogging is fantastic :) I am a big fan!

  7. YAY! And you are a super blogger! I actually resolved to spend a little less time online and be strategic about blog visiting. Allot an hour to reading and commenting - that kind of thing as I get sucked down too many rabit holes and there is so much good stuff out there! Sidenote: Jayden is SO CUTE. I know I keep saying that but he really is. Spreading the comment love is really important IMO ;)

  8. Exactly- blogging is therapeautic- I've been doing it for seven years and its so amazing to look back and see where you were at different phases of your life-

    and heck yeah? Who needs to fold laundry if its clean ina basket and ready to wear?! :)