Monday, January 10, 2011


Over the weekend Adam called me into the living room by saying he was worried about Jayden. That got a quick response. I went running in the room in a total panic.

I get in there and Jayden is blowing raspberries.

Me: He's just blowing raspberries at you.

Adam: Well, he's been doing it for 5 minutes straight.

Me: He's proud of himself and wants to show you.

Adam: Well, I didn't know it was normal. I thought something was wrong with him.

Jayden showing off his raspberries during his 3 month photo shoot.


  1. How cute! E thinks it's hillarious to do this too. Even with food in his mouth.

  2. I totally LOL'd at this post!

  3. Raspberries are the best! I can remember my son communicating only by raspberries for a week! Make some phone calls and leave messages from Jayden for family members :)

  4. At least Adam is attentive! So cute!

  5. I loved the raspberry phase. Now Meg is in her spitting food out phase...

  6. They love doing that. Try sticking out your tongue and he'll mimic. It's so cute!

  7. Just saw this post and I am laughing my butt off! Adam is adorable. Almost as adorable as J. =)