Friday, February 5, 2010

Just an Update

I got a call from the adoption agency yesterday. I actually missed the phone call and when I returned their phone call, the person who called me wasn't available so I had to wait for them to call me back. It took about a half hour and in that half hour I convinced myself they were calling to let me know the answer was no. That the expectant mother looked at our profile and did not choose us. All the signs were there. I was actually to the point of tears by the time the phone rang.

Turns out they were only calling to give me an update. Probably because I have been bugging my family advocate this week. They were calling to let me know the expectant mother in Indiana hadn't been heard from at all (which we already knew) and that the newest expectant mother would be looking at our profile the next day.

I was so happy to hear that she hadn't looked at profiles yet. I had started to feel down about it being Thursday and still no word. It was a huge relief. I felt so much hope and excitement.

I took that opportunity to make sure the profile changes were made. It's a good thing I asked because they never put my new profile pages into my old profiles! The person I talked to said she would take care of it before the expectant mother looked at them. Good thing I asked!!!

So, TODAY is the day. I don't know when I will hear an answer, but it is driving me crazy to know that she may be looking at my profile this very moment!


  1. So glad that you checked up about the profile and that the new pages got in there before the BM looked at it. Praying that the next call you get is the one saying YES =)

  2. I've got a positive feeling about your family right now. Sending that feeling to the universe, knowing it will envelope you.