Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let The Worrying Begin

I have been waiting to get the phone call letting me know there was a mistake, they were wrong, I am fine and don't need surgery.

But instead, I got the call today that after my oncology appointment tomorrow, I need to go to the hospital for blood work and a chest xray. Apparently that's normal pre-op stuff before major surgery.

This is really happening.

I get bad anxiety about normal doctor appointments, so tomorrow has me very scared.

Tomorrow I will be finding out what kind of hysterectomy I will need, which can make a big difference in recovery time. I will also find out whether I can keep my ovaries, how long I will have to be in the hospital after surgery, and what this all means for me long term.

There will probably be a lot of serious faces and uncomfortable situations. And answers to questions that I don't want to know the answers to.

I have not gone to sleep before midnight a single night since this all started. And I get up everyday between 5-6. I am sick. I am exhausted. I am scared.

I was hoping to sleep this afternoon for a couple hours, but right as I fell asleep, the phone rang and it was the oncology nurse. I have been thinking and worrying ever since then. Now it's time to go get the kids off the bus.

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  1. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Sending good thoughts your way.