Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adoption Fundraiser Sign Making Party

I am so thankful for all the generous donations that have been made for our adoption fundraiser. It's been a huge reminder of how lucky we really are.

Last night @melachrino, @creepygroovy, @kfelluca, and my Mom came over our house to work on signs. We had a great time doing it and I am excited about all the awesome signs that were made. I did some photoshop scribbling over the address so I could share pictures of some of the signs that were made.

We have had some incredible donations of things to raffle off. More information on that to come!

No, Lilly is not for sale, although after her big escape the other night, Adam would like to consider it.

HUGE thank you to @melachrino, @creepygroovy, @kfelluca, and my Mom for all their hard work last night. A special thank you to @melachrino for her donation of all the sign making supplies!


  1. Oh how wonderful!! I'd love to stop by but I'm about 6 1/2 hours away. Still, if I've got the time and the money I might show up. Do you have any kids stuff? If we do the foster parenting thing I'll be on the lookout for gently used kids clothes and toys.

    Have you thought about expanding your raffle online?? You could set up a Paypal account and let people buy raffle tickets that way. I would definitely sign up if you were able to do that!

    I'll write a quick post about your adoption fundraiser on my blog. Good luck!!

  2. I agree with Christa--why not expand your raffle so that blog and Twitter followers can participate? They can pay for raffle tickets via PayPal.

    You have no idea how much I wish I could be there in person to support you with this.

  3. Good luck! Your signs are beautiful. YOu all are talented sign makers.

  4. How wonderful - and you have some amazing friends and mom. Good luck at the fundraiser!!!

  5. I hope it goes really well! Let me know how much you get for the cat. If it's a lot I have two I might put on the market.

  6. The signs look great!! Plus they are for a great cause! It's so obvious how loved you two are, I hope all goes well!

  7. Those are some great signs!!! I hope that you gets tons of adoption fundage from this :)

  8. Very well done! I hope all your efforts pay off, in the best way they possibly can.


    (ICLW #23)

  9. The signs look awesome and I hope it is a HUGE success!! (ICLW)

  10. Fantastic signs, you've all worked so hard. What a brilliant idea as well. I wish you every success with raising money and your adoption journey!!

    #41 http://themissruby.blogspot.com/