Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ICLW and Homestudy Renewal Update

Welcome to my blog! My internet was not working this morning so I am posting this a little late. Pretty much everything you need to know about me is on the right hand side on my blog.

My husband and I are in the process of renewing our homestudy for the second time. I was in denial for a long time but finally broke down and mailed the check in. The paperwork came in the mail this week. Even though I was expecting it to come, it felt like a punch in the stomach to actually get the big envelope.

We're going to do whatever we have to do to keep moving forward. We are making changes to our profile in hopes that it will make a difference and something will happen for us soon. We are also having a big garage sale/bake sale fundraiser the weekend of August 7th and 8th to help with all the adoption costs. The price of everything has gone up since we started the process so we need all the help we can get. When we took out a loan two years ago, we never factored in all the extra costs that come with having a long wait.

This journey has not been easy, and I am feeling down that we have to renew again, but I keep telling myself it could be anyday now that all our dreams come true. We just have to keep moving forward and never give up.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Happy ICLW!!


  1. I am so sorry you had to renew your home study. I hope the wait ends soon for you.


  2. Thats a bummer the home study has to be renewed. Adoption may be one of our options in the near future.

    Happy ICLW!

  3. All the best with renewing your adoption home study. If you don't mind me asking, how does the process work in the States? I'm from New Zealand so still trying to catch the drift of the US adoption process. Do you have to pay to even get in the adoption pool?

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way and GOOD LUCK!


  4. Hi from ICLW! Waiting is so hard. I am wishing you all the best on the journey to adopting your baby!

  5. Happy ICLW, Lisa! I've been keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you the best of luck with your upcoming fundraiser. I know I keep saying this, but I really wish I could be there.

  6. Happy ICLW! I also wanted to wish you wonderful journey on your way to adoption. Good luck!

  7. Here from ILCW. Sorry to see you've been waiting so long already, and now this. I hope you wait is almost over!

  8. That is a long wait. I hope that something wonderful makes its way around the corner for you. You guys are so deserving of a happy ending!

    Happy ICLW

  9. I am so sorry that you have had to renew your home study. Hope something makes it your way. Wishing you the very best.

    An ICLW Visit from #107 (mfi, speedskating, strength)
    liddy @ the unfair struggle

  10. HAPPY ICLW!!!! wishing you luck with the new profile...a new day is coming :)

  11. ICLW

    Oh, I waited quite a while as well, I know it's terrible. You're right, though, you do have to keep moving forward and try to enjoy your lives as best as you can.

  12. sorry you had to get your homestudy renewed, hopefully things will come together soon for you. best of luck w/ the fundraiser.

    i am playing the adoption waiting game now too.


  13. Sorry it's taking forever. Movies like Juno just made it look so easy, right?

    Good luck with the fundraiser!

    Happy ICLW, #50