Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Profiled...but it's nothing to get excited about

I got an e-mail from my case worker today saying she is going on vacation for the next week and a half. That made me nervous so I called the agency right away.  I have been wondering why I still haven't heard from the social worker about setting up an appointment for the home study renewal home visit. I figured I better call and ask her before her vacation. She wasn't there so I left a message. I got a call back from one of the people that will be covering for her while she is gone.

I asked about the social worker never calling me and it looks like they never contacted her to let her know my paperwork is in and I am ready for a visit. That's very frustrating because I really rushed to get all my paperwork in. It's been done since August 6.

She promised me she would take care of it.

Then I asked whether I have been profiled at all this summer. She said she knows without looking that the answer is yes because my profile went out to an expectant mother today.


They didn't call me about it because there is still a lot up in the air. There is a good chance the adoption will not happen at all.

There are two possible birth fathers. One of them wants to parent the child so if he is it, the adoption will not happen. The other possible birth father does want to make the adoption plan and so does the expectant mother.

The baby is due in two days.

This is the first time my new profile is being shown!!
(And again the person on the phone told me how much everyone there likes my new profile.)

BUT, I absolutely do not have my hopes up at all about this. There is a good chance I will never even hear an answer to this situation.

Speaking of which, I was told every situation I was profiled for this summer was one they never heard an answer about. She said that's why they didn't even bother calling me. They knew they were probably going to be ones they never hear back from. Why does summer suck so much anyway? Is it Fall yet? I have always wanted a Fall baby  :)

Despite not getting excited about this AT ALL...it is nice to have that little feeling of hope again. It's been months since we've been told about a profiling. Everytime a situation like this happens you can't help but think about how amazing it would be to have a baby at home in a couple days.


  1. little rays of hope are always nice, espically when they give you the paitence to get to the next piece of great news! :) Hope that the new profile does the trick!!

  2. Us too, today! Must be a lucky day. My fingers are SO firmly crossed for you. Even if it doesn't pan out, the activity feels nice anyway. Like something's happening somewhere. Y'know?

  3. Let it be father #2!!!! I'm crossing all of my fingers for you!

  4. Hoping the new profile stands out- if not this time, then sometime very very soon! What's with SW not calling you back? Ungh. Hang in there- glad you are feeling a bit hopeful again :)

  5. You sound so calm, but I imagine that you must be all tied up in knots on the inside. Fall will be here soon enough and good news is bound to be waiting for us all , just around the next bend.

  6. That is exciting knowing there is a possibility out there, even if it is small. I hope you can get your home study knocked out soon so you can put all this summer stress behind you!

  7. That baby would be the perfect accessory for the fall party!

  8. Oh a little fall baby... perfect! I'm crossing my fingers for you :-)

  9. Awful about the SW not setting things up wit you! Ugh. So if there are two possible fathers, do they have to wait until the birth to do a dna test? Can they do it in an amnio or something? I'm totally ignorant when it comes to stuff like this...

    Really hope this is the one!

  10. Excellent questions, but I honestly have no idea! I am just waiting to hear more information. Unfortunately, I may never hear anything again about it.

  11. Many prayers that this will work out for you! I would love to have any bit of information about our profile going out, so I know what you mean!

  12. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens for you soon!