Monday, August 2, 2010

Progress: Garage Sale Preparation, Homestudy Paperwork, & Adoption Profile

This past weekend was intense. Both physically and emotionally.

We picked up many donations for our garage sale fundraiser, which often involved moving furniture or carrying heavy boxes. Thankfully one friend offered to help us move things with her truck Friday night and another friend helped us move things with her truck Saturday afternoon. Adam and I have small cars so that was a huge help.

I spent a lot of time putting prices on baby clothes on Saturday. I kept trying to stay positive and not let it bother me, but it definitely contributed to a lot of feelings coming up.

In general the garage sale has brought up a lot of feelings. There has been a lot of adoption and babies talk. My mom has talked a lot about being a grandma. Preparing for the sale has been an immense amount of work and I think everyone wants to keep reminding themselves why they are working so hard. Kind of "keeping their eye on the prize."

Saturday night I had a complete breakdown and cried for an hour. I didn't even really know why I was  crying. I think it was just a build up of a lot of emotions.

The amount of donations from people has been amazing. My parents' garage is completely full and so are many rooms of their house. There are donations everywhere. My poor Mom. She finally gets things cleaned, priced and organized and then another car load of stuff comes over. She is working from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. I feel so guilty. She is working harder than anyone should have to work in order to become a grandma.

The fact that so many people care and are willing to help is overwhelming. Friday night I was in the driveway at my parents' house looking at all the donations and I tweeted: "Dear Baby, So many people love you already." Just sending that message to twitter gave me tears in my eyes. The feeling is so intense. I have always been uncomfortable with people doing things for me and this past week it's been nonstop. I have had to force myself to just relax and accept everyone's help. I don't know how I will ever be able to thank everyone for their generousity.

On top of garage sale preparation I was also working on our adoption profile changes. That comes with it's own set of emotions. I want so badly for this version of our book to be the one that gets us chosen to be parents. I really think we did a good job. I woke up early this morning to finish putting the books together so Adam can mail them on his lunch break today. I also finished all our renewal paperwork to send along with the books. The only thing left now is my physical. *gulp*


  1. This is incredible that everyone is helping so much to get you your baby. I can definitely understand why this has been so emotional and why you broke down on Saturday - of course! And I love your tweet - even though everyone in your life can't see your baby, there are so many people that are excited and love him or her already!!!

  2. I love how people are so willing to help! It is overwhelming & amazing!! I hope your sale goes well!! Thinking of you, as I know it is a lot of work..but like you said, eye on the prize!!

  3. I just found your blog through another. I hope the sale is a big success. I know going through the paperwork must be hard. I hope this is the set that brings your baby home soon!

  4. I'm so proud of you for all of this work!! You're getting closer and closer - I know it. The sale will be awesome, and don't feel guilty about all of the help you're getting. These people love you, and your kiddo-to-be, and WANT to help! So excited for your sale. Wish I could stop by.

  5. BEST of luck at your yard sale! I wish I lived closer by to come and shop =)

  6. That is so amazing that so many people are willing to help out like that. Best of luck! :)

  7. So wonderful that so many people are helping you out and donating to the sale. Absolutely beautiful :)

  8. Great!! I hope that they will continue to donate..