Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have been meaning to thank Christa from Fearlessly Infertile for her post about our garage sale fundraiser. Thank you, Christa!

Both Christa and Katie from from IF to when have encouraged me to extend our raffle to online. Since the raffle drawing will not be until August 21st, I decided to go ahead and do it.

The prizes are:

$25 toysRus Gift Card

A membership to the Seneca Park Zoo

A gift basket from Bath & Body Works
(Everything in it is warm vanilla sugar scented.)

One night stay at Comfort Inn West on Ridge Road in Rochester, NY
(Breakfast the next morning is included.)

Mary Kay Gift Basket

$20 Gift Card for AMC theaters

The raffle tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5.

If you are interested, you can pay using the chip in on the side of my blog, then just let me know which raffle(s) you would like to put your ticket(s) in. You can let me know in this comment section, send me a direct message on twitter, or leave me a note in the comment section that you would like me to e-mail you.

Thank you!! :)


  1. AHHHHH!!!! Even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything this month, I think I'll have to break that pledge just so I can enter the raffle! But it's for a good cause so I'll rationalize it somehow. Thanks for letting us enter!

  2. Count me in for three tickets! One each for ToyRUs, Bath & Body Works and Mary Kay

  3. I just put in $10, so that's 6 entries?? Woop woop!

    I will do 3 in the Toys R Us and 3 in the Mary Kay gift basket!

  4. So glad you decided to extend the raffle to your blog! Great idea :)

    I just bought 6 tickets so I think I will put 3 each in for the toys r us and amc gift cards

  5. ok - i totally want 5 tickets in each of the following: (i added right right?)Bath & Body Works, AMC & Toys R Us :)

    If I cannot add/multiply just put them in whatever... :) lol

  6. 3 for Toys R Us please! :)


  7. I just bought $10 worth of raffle tickets for the Bath & Body works. As I live in AUS - should I win please send to Sonja

  8. I just put $10 in...please put them towards the Toys R Us :) Good luck!!