Friday, April 16, 2010


Dentist appointments and calls from the adoption agency are two things that cause my heart to race. Wednesday morning I had both.

I have a huge fear of the dentist. When I turned 21 I didn't have dental insurance from my parents anymore, so I stopped going. Even after I got married, I continued to not go out of fear. Eventually Adam got a job with good dental insurance and forced me to go. I was a wreck. I still am a wreck every 6 months when he makes me go. Actually, I usually find a reason to cancel our appointment and put it off an extra month or two, so it's more like every 7-8 months that we go. And when Adam calls to move our appointment, they often comment on what a chicken I am. But, guess what, this time they told Adam he needs to brush and floss more and the dentist even told him that my teeth were very clean!!! That put a huge smile on my face. Adam is always the one who gets praised for having perfect teeth. He has never had a cavity before. So, I finally had a chance to brag to him about my super clean and wonderful teeth. haha.

We decided to go get lunch together to celebrate me surviving another dentist appointment. While we were there, the adoption agency called. I was expecting the call because she had called the night before while we were swimming and left a message saying she had a profiling opportunity and would talk to me about it the next morning. So, all morning, even at the dentist, I was carrying around paper and pen so I would be ready to write down all the details of the situation.

Adam has never been there when I have received one of these calls before. I don't think he realized how long they can take and how much information there is to go over.

There was a lot to think about in a short amount of time, but we decided to say yes and be profiled.

On Thursday our profile was sent, along with others, to Indiana for the expectant mother to look at. I am hoping to hear something soon. It usually takes a little longer to hear an answer when the expectant mother lives out of state, but the baby is due May 10, so she can't take too long to decide!


  1. Crossing my fingers for you!

  2. Crossing my fingers. Oh, Lisa, I so hope this is it for you. You've waited long enough.

    (PS: I also loathe going to the dentist. LOATHE.)

  3. Hoping this one is it - can you imagine? May 10? Oh that would be wonderful!!!!

    And nice work going to the dentist, and congrats on the perfect teeth report. You have to be very responsible when you'll be a mom soon, and that includes taking care of yourself! :)

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and keeping you in my thoughts!

    (I hate the dentist. There was a period where I didn't go for 5ish years. It was awful when I finally went back. :/)

  5. Oh I am hoping you are the one! Crossing my fingers (and toes)!
    I had the same experience with the dentist, no insurance, didn't go for 5 years till we finally caved and pay out of our rear for it. Congrats on the squeaky clean teeth!!

  6. I am crossing everything for y'all <3

    This also reminds me that I need to call and make a dental appt...I am not fond of the dentist.

  7. keeping my fingers criossed for you Lisa ! you definitely deserve this :) xxx p.s i hate the dentist aswell, i have to be bribed lol