Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: New England Aquarium

The aquarium is built around a huge 4 story coral reef tank. You walk up a ramp that takes you from the bottom of the tank all the way to the surface. My favorite part of the aquarium was when we got to the top of the tank. It was so cool to look down from the surface and see sea turtles, sand tiger sharks, barracuda, stingrays, moray eels and hundreds of colorful reef fishes moving around the tank. You can see one of the sharks in this picture.

If you are wondering what I was wondering, the reason the shark does not eat the fish in the tank is because in the wild this type of shark only eats every couple weeks and in the aquarium they are fed twice a day, so they are not hungry and have no interest in eating the other animals in the tank.

African Penguins

Little Blue Penguin (the smallest type of penguin)

Rockhopper Penguins

80 year old sea turtle

Japanese Sea Nettle

All photographs were taken by my sister Katie. Adam left our cameras plugged in and charging at our house, so we didn't have a camera on our trip. Katie was generous enough to be the photographer and share her pictures.


  1. Love it!! I love love love the penguins there! It's such a fun experience!

  2. Wow - what a cool acquarium! Thanks for sharing your pix, or at least Katie's!!! :)

  3. What an awesome place! Can I just tell you that I LOVE penguins? I literally cried my eyes out when I watched March of the Penguins. They are so adorable.

  4. wow what a great aquarium! I especially love the jellyfish pics, beautiful :)

  5. That looks like an awesome aquarium!