Monday, April 5, 2010

The Stork

I met a stork this past weekend. In fact, I ran into him just minutes after falling on pavement and cutting my knee open. I figured it was the universe's way of evening things out after the fall. My lucky day. I was finally getting to meet a stork in person.

I asked him where my baby is. I thought maybe there had been a shipping delay.

He wasn't very helpful.

I even took the time to read his sign to see if there was any fine print about baby deliveries.

No such luck. I guess I will keep waiting.


  1. Stupid stork not being helpful! I love this post by the way. The stork picture is great!

  2. What a jerk that stork is. He could have answer you at least!


  3. Oh this is funny! You know, this stork looks nothing like those cute cartoon ones that bring a cute little baby - what a scam! Maybe you should have brought him home...

  4. Stupid stork! He could have at least been nice and smiled for the camera. :)